Event Cancellations and Changes Policy

We understand that You count on the reliability of the Events listed on Ecstatic, and even more so once You are registered to attend. For this reason, We expect a high level of responsibility and accountability from the Creatives who list, organize and facilitate Events. Nevertheless, We understand that despite the best preparations, unforeseen circumstances can still leave our Creatives with no other choice but to cancel an Event, or make changes to it (such as change its location, date and/or facilitators) in order to allow the Event to take place.

Event Cancellations

Under extenuating circumstances, an Event may need to be canceled. If You are registered for an Event that gets canceled, We will promptly notify You by email of the cancellation and refund You in full within 30 days (but typically, much sooner).

Event Changes

Under unavoidable circumstances, Event organizers may substitute Event facilitators. Depending on the circumstance, this substitution may take place months or days prior to the Event, or during the Event itself. Other changes, for which you would be notified by email, could include a change of location, date and/or time, or length of Event. NOTE: The Event's title, subtitle or description may be adjusted without changing the nature of the Event and without notice.

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