Event Listings Policy for Creatives

Ecstatic brings together diverse communities of people to experience a wide variety of different activities in real life and online. The integrity of Ecstatic is something We take seriously and We are committed to our Platform being used in a safe, secure, legal, and dignified manner. This is why We have developed this Event Listings Policy for Creatives. Reflecting Our Values, these policies describe the types of Events that We promote and prevent at Ecstatic.

Event Listings Agreement

By submitting Your Events on the Ecstatic Platform, You agree that:

  • You will follow our Community Guidelines, our Events Listings and Payout Procedure for Creatives, as well as our Terms and Conditions;
  • You will follow this Event Listings Policy for Creatives;
  • We may feature Your Event(s) and/or the images and/or names of Your Event facilitator(s) on Our homepage of Our website and app (the Ecstatic Platform), and;
  • We may add Your organization's logo to Our homepage of Our website and app (the Ecstatic Platform).


1. List Events for adults

Whether you're interested in offering on Ecstatic a dance or yoga retreat, or a coaching service, or nearly anything else, you're encouraged to offer Events here that bring adult communities together.

2. Share respectful, educational and celebratory content

We highly encourage using our Platform to offer educational and celebratory Evens, teachings and services that bring together different cultures. We encourage You to express your talents, inspire Our growing Ecstatic community, and share your unique perspectives and insights with others.

3. Sell Event-related merchandise

You can sell Event-related merchandise with your Event registrations, but only sell merchandise that You created or are permitted to sell and that is legal and safe.

4. Facilitate Events that are safe and legal

Make sure to do what is necessary to ensure the safety and legality of the Events and merchandise that You list and is sold on Ecstatic.


You may not use the Ecstatic Platform to list Events specifically aimed at persons who are not of legal adult age. Furthermore, You may not use the Ecstatic Platform to list Events that participate in any behavior (in Our sole interpretation and as reflected by Our core Values) that We consider to be offensive, harmful, or inappropriate, or that We consider constitutes or is likely to promote or enhance any harmful, violent, or illegal activity or outcome. Below, You will find additional information about the types of Event listings that are prohibited on Ecstatic.

1. Don't list Events that suggest inappropriate or potentially illegal activities

Ecstatic may not be used to promote or facilitate inappropriate activity (in Our sole interpretation) or illegal activity of any kind. You may not list Events on the Ecstatic Platform that promotes in any way or allows for the following, as determined by Ecstatic:

  • Explicit sexual activity, or gratuitous pornography,
  • Activity that is not age-appropriate for minors if they are present,
  • Gambling activity (included but not limited to casino gaming, lotteries, card-playing involving money, etc.),
  • Sale or ingestion of any kind of alcohol, smoking products (including e-cigarettes), nutritional or medical supplements, medications, or illegal substances.
  • Cannabis or cannabis-infused products (including CBD) provided for free, for sale by the Organizer, or as part of the Event registration (including free samples, infused foods/beverages, gift bags, product discounts, and giveaways), participants sharing of cannabis, teaching how to grow or extract cannabis (including cooking classes), or dispensary tours (this policy applies even in locations where cannabis is legal),
  • Activities promoting other commercial product or service such as an "infomercial",
  • Unauthorized multi-level marketing services or businesses,
  • Credit repair services,
  • Raffles, giveaways, or sweepstakes,
  • Listings that promote the sale or distribution of goods or services not related to the Event being posted on Ecstatic,
  • Activities that express hatred toward, threaten, intimidate or demean any person or societal group, whether based on race, ethnicity, religion or creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, etc,
  • Listings that promote the sale or distribution of firearms, firearm parts, hardware or ammunition, or any other weapons,
  • Terrorist activity or organized criminal activity.

2. Don't list dangerous or hateful Events, or Events on behalf of dangerous or hateful organizations

The Ecstatic Platform will not allow Events listed on behalf of organizations that display, promote or encourage harassment, hate or violence towards people or animals. Specifically, We prohibit Events listed on behalf of organizations that promote hatred toward, threaten, intimidate or demean any person or societal group, whether based on race, ethnicity, religion or creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, etc. This prohibition extends to the promotion of this type of prohibited behavior in public, whether or not specific to the Event or content appearing as part of the Services.

3. Don't resell, or engage in prohibited sales or advertising

The Ecstatic Platform may not be used to sell physical goods (see exception), administer raffles, sweepstakes, contests or games of chance of any nature, or promote anything other than registrations to your Event (except for accommodations that have been added as an added option to your Event registration). You may not use the Ecstatic platform to:

  • Except as provided by the Ecstatic Platform, collect or extract any participant information from the Ecstatic Platform for any purpose, such as to resell said information, or to create a new database or service similar to Ecstatic, or
  • Post or transmit any information that does not pertain directly to the Event that You are posting to Ecstatic, including but not limited to unsolicited advertising, promotional information, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letter," "pyramid scheme," survey, investment opportunity, or any other form of commercial or personal solicitation.

4. Don’t collect children’s data

You may not use the Ecstatic Platform to collect data from children (that is, anyone who is not of legal adult age).

5. Don't infringe on the rights of others

You are not permitted to post on the Ecstatic Platform that which You do not have a right to transmit under law or due to contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, or proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of your employment or employment relationships, or under nondisclosure agreements). This includes, but is not limited to, all images, logos, videos, and posted by You to the Ecstatic Platform for your Event listings. Additionally, You are not permitted to do the following on the Ecstatic Platform:

  • Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notice from any part of the Ecstatic Platform, or from any content displayed by the Ecstatic Platform, or
  • Resell, sell, copy, duplicate or reproduce or otherwise exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion or aspect of the Ecstatic Platform.

If You believe You have discovered unauthorized use of your own intellectual property on the Ecstatic Platform, please contact Us by visiting this page on our Website: https://support.ecstatic.com

6. Don't infringe on the privacy of others

Be conscientious and thoughtful about the type of information You ask for from others. You are not permitted to use the Ecstatic Platform to collect credit card information, social security details, financial data, or any other information not absolutely needed for your specific Event.

7. Don't post gratuitous or explicit content

Although the Ecstatic Platform is for persons of legal adult age, it is not a place to post gratuitous pornography, or to post any content that is violent or lacks kindheartedness (at Our discretion). This applies to anything posted to our Ecstatic Platform including Event descriptions and titles, messages, images and videos. We appreciate that nudity is not inherently pornographic, and that some tasteful nudity may be useful to communicate the nature of an Event on our Ecstatic Platform. We reserve the right to remove content that depicts nudity (at Our discretion), or content that may shock the viewer. We also reserve the right to remove or make private some content on the Ecstatic Platform; through content moderation, Our intention is to provide the community with a balance of safety and appropriateness for the majority of Our community while honoring ecstatic self-expression.

Violations of this Event Listings Policy for Creatives

If We determine that an Event listed on the Ecstatic Platform violates this Event Listings Policy for Creatives and/or any part of our Community Guidelines, We might decide to remove only the infringing content, or We may decide to take down the Event listing entirely, or take alternative action altogether. If the violation is serious (in Our sole evaluation), We might decide to suspend or terminate the associated Ecstatic account. Please note: In rare cases, while not in violation of these Community Guidelines, We may at Our discretion determine that a certain Event listing or some of its content is not appropriate for the majority of Our community. In such cases, We may decide to make this Event listing private or reduce its distribution.

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