What is a Promoter?

To better understand this article, review Definitions listed in our Promoter Policy.

A Promoter is a person who uses our Promoter System to refer Events listed on our Platform to friends, colleagues and others. Since anyone can use our Promoter System by simply supplying to Us their confirmed email, a Promoter is not necessarily yet a member of Ecstatic.

A Promoter becomes a member of Ecstatic when they supply to Us the information required for them to receive Promoter Earnings from Successful Referrals as per our  Promoter Policy and specifically our Events Payout Policy for Promoters.

You can interact with the Ecstatic Platform in any of the four ways listed below.

Four Ways to Use the Ecstatic Platform:

  • as a Participant (someone who attends Events listed on Ecstatic)
  • as a Creative (an individual or organization listing events on Ecstatic)
  • as an Ambassador (someone who earns money from Ecstatic by referring Creatives to Ecstatic)
  • as a Promoter (someone who earns money from Ecstatic by referring Events listed on Ecstatic)

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