Our Values

Celebration • Authenticity • Art • Refinement • Responsibility • Sobriety • Kindheartedness • Inclusion • Education • Inspiration • Moderation • The Golden Rule

The Ecstatic platform was born from a desire to help people connect in real life, form deep and thriving relationships, and inspire heartfelt kinship amongst our world's diverse peoples.

Our values are at the core of what we do and why we do it. At Ecstatic, our values guide our direction, our policy decisions and how we interact and work with the many communities that enjoy using our services.

We hold dear the following core values:


We value a celebratory way of life. To us this means to rejoice in being alive, to embrace as best as we can the ecstasies and agonies that our lives bring us, and to free ourselves of the constraints that hold us back from shining our truest and most unique selves. At Ecstatic, we encourage contributions that are celebratory while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value authenticity and honesty. Authenticity requires us to present ourselves as who we are, while honesty requires us to communicate what we sincerely believe to be true. At Ecstatic, we encourage contributions that are authentic and honest while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value art and consider it an important way to inspire and educate. We consider that each one of us, regardless of what it is we offer the world, can choose to be artistic in the way we live, the way we move, the way we work and create, and the way we are with others. It is by bringing out our innate artistic qualities and gifts that we bring originality, enlightenment and beauty to the world. At Ecstatic, we encourage contributions that are artistic while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value refinement. We consider that cultivating one's refinement within each aspect of our lives brings grace into the way we are and the things we do in the world. It is through our refinement that our contributions to the world are well-received by others, appreciated for their grace and beauty. At Ecstatic, we encourage contributions that are refined while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value responsibility. While we encourage the cultivation of self-actualization within each aspect of our lives, we consider it important that it is done in a responsible manner. We consider that responsible persons are inherently accountable, striving to ensure that their actions are in integrity, kindhearted, legal, and safe for others. At Ecstatic, we expect responsible contributions.


We value sobriety. While we appreciate that some legal or illegal substances can sometimes offer psychological benefits (for example, as a form of therapy, rite of passage, medicine, or even for celebratory or recreational purposes), we consider that it is through cultivating a healthy mind and body that vitality and enlightenment are best accessed. At Ecstatic, we encourage offerings that promote sobriety while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value kindheartedness. Rather than falling into negative reactions, we encourage thoughtful and considerate actions. Through contemplation, by meditating on our thoughts and feelings, we develop grace in our actions and respect for the consequences of these actions. At Ecstatic, we strive to see offerings that are kindhearted while reflecting all of our other core values.


We value inclusivity. We consider that embracing our diversity makes our humanity healthy and strong. While we encourage the formation of specialized groups, we choose inclusivity within these groups with respect to physical and mental ability, gender identification, sexual orientation, race, creed, as well as social or economic class or culture. At Ecstatic, we are committed to offerings that are inclusive and made accessible to the full spectrum of our audiences.


We value education in its many manifestations, whether experiential, intellectual, spiritual, cathartic, comedic, dramatic, philosophical, or otherwise. While we encourage a wide variety of educational opportunities, we consider there is a distinction between what is truly educational and what is merely dogmatic or based on belief. At Ecstatic, we encourage educational offerings that are above-all non-denominational, based on sound knowledge, and reflect all of our other core values.


We value that which is inspirational. We consider that education falls short if it does not include the inspiration required to fuel new and enlightened thoughts, feelings and actions. It is the inspired that inspire others. It is the inspired educator that evokes the passion in others needed for them to embark on their journey ahead. At Ecstatic, we encourage offerings that are inspirational while reflecting all our core values.


We value a moderated way of life. To us this means to thoughtfully diminish excesses in ourselves, whether we find ourselves excessively disciplined or indulgent, excessively strict or carefree, excessively nice or candid, and so on. At Ecstatic, we encourage offerings that demonstrate moderation while reflecting all of our other core values.

The Golden Rule

We value the Golden Rule, the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated. We consider that this principle serves as the cornerstone of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, as well as many government constitutions, cultures, communities, and groups. At Ecstatic, we view the Golden Rule as the foundation of all our core values.

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